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Sneak Peek Gender Test

Congratulations mom-to-be! Are you eager to find out if you’re having a girl or a boy? If you can’t wait until you are 15 weeks for our gender reveal ultrasounds, you can find out if you’re having a boy or a girl, at 6 weeks, with a quick and painless DNA blood test.

The Sneak Peek Gender Test allows us to offer a blood collection method that is painless for moms, with results that are more accurate than a baby ultrasound at confirming the baby’s gender.

Sneak Peak gender test

Sneak Peek uses the latest DNA technology to test for the shared fetal DNA in the mother’s bloodstream to predict the baby’s gender. We use PCR testing methods to predict the presence of a Y chromosome in the blood sample. If Y is detected — you’re having a boy. If it’s not detected — you’re having a girl. It’s that simple!

Our Sneak Peek DNA test is available from 6 weeks. When you upgrade to next day results, you’ll receive your results within 24 hours! This will allow you to plan for your little one’s arrival ASAP.

A recent study of over 1000 Sneak Peek Early Gender Reveal Tests showed 99.8% accuracy in predicting gender. From 1029 samples taken from pregnant women between 7 and 37 weeks gestation, 1028 (99.8%) were accurate to the gender, with 100% accuracy for predicting girls, and 99.8% accuracy for predicting boys. This makes it one of the most accurate gender prediction methods available today.

Please note that our gender tests and ultrasounds are not intended to be a replacement for your OBGYN visits. While they can show your baby’s internal organs, they are not designed to detect abnormalities. Our ultrasounds can only be performed on pregnant women who are under the care of a physician.

Included In All Packages

  • $15 coupon towards any future HD baby ultrasound scan purchased during the same pregnancy
  • 10% discount off regular price packages and merchandise for Veterans, EMS, Fire, Police, and Union Members
  • No extra charge for twins
  • Video of your ultrasound sent to your phone, free of charge

Included in First Peek

  • Keepsake Heartbeat recording for $15
  • Heartbeat Buddy, with your baby’s heartbeat recorded Small $25; Large $35
  • Additional color prints $2

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